Mothers do miracles

For as long as I can remember, my mom has been amazing with plants. As she is taking me for a tour of her summer garden, a neighbor overhears our conversation, leans over the fence and says “mothers do miracles.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Seeing the future

toy phone
If this is any indication, he’s this is the first of many many hours of gazing down at a glowing screen.

‘RoidWeek 2012

MAM lobby

The main lobby in the Milwaukee Art Museum is awesome.

It looks like I’m a little late to the party this year, but I wanted to participate and share with you all the good photography I’ve seen the past few days.

We’re in the middle of a 5-day celebration of analog instant photography – ‘Roid week – and there’s nothing like seeing good work to make you want to make good work.

Check out the group on Flickr: and if you’re as wild about analog instant photography as me, join the fun.

In the meanwhile, I’ll be here trying to get reacquainted with this Polaroid SX-70.

Growing up

Guyana's finest
It became clear to me late Monday afternoon as the cashier, who looked to be in her early 20s, handed me my receipt and made eye contact as she smiled and said: “thank you Mr. Morgan.”

That was the very moment I became my father.

Blue skies & sunshine

Window washer and the morning sky

I’m not sure what’s been happening lately, but I can’t help but notice the skies the last week or so. Beautiful fluffy white clouds and the light – my goodness the light has been fantastic. Time to get back behind the lens…

For more frequent photos posted on the go, you can follow me on Instagram (find me on the app as “growmyafro”)

Saturday, 6:31 p.m.

This little man is just a few days away from being 5 months old. Where does the time go? Does time seem to be cruising by faster than normal lately or is it just me?

Friday, 8:44 a.m.

So the weather forecast was correct. We got the three inches or so of snow that had been predicted, and my kids have lost. their. minds with excitement. (I’m talking really excited.)

In the spirit of gratitude.2012, I’ve committed to taking note of the wonderful details in everyday life. And after spending an hour or so shoveling sidewalks and cleaning snow-covered cars, I noticed the frost had formed neat little streaks on the windows in the sunroom.

More often than not, it’s these little things that make me smile. Have a good weekend.

Following the light


I’ve heard it’s supposed to snow Thursday night, but for now I’m just going to enjoy the mild temperatures and the sun. This wonderful low winter sunlight.

Friday 5

baby feet

It wouldn’t be Friday around here without a reflection on the past week. So here’s my virtual toast to all of you and the small, but precious things that seem to be around every corner lately.

  1. Those five little piggies in the photo above. It has been challenging and a real joy to have an infant in the house again.
  2. Fifty four degrees and sunny. In January. I’m all about embracing the seasons, but this weather is just lovely.
  3. My inner circle. I’m thankful to have mentors kind enough to help me as I learn to balance family, work and my creative pursuits. Their input and guidance is invaluable.
  4. Contentment. I’m happy enough with things to not make resolutions this year. Sort of my anti-resolution resolution.
  5. Instagram. Any spare moment, I find myself checking my feed on Instagram app on my phone. I’m kinda hooked. There are some wonderfully creative peeps out there. If you’re on there, I’m “growmyafro”.

And speaking of gratitude, I’m embarking on a little journey this year. The idea is to help me document and give thanks for all the things that keep me smiling when the wheels fall off the wagon. I’m taking part in a group led by Karen Walrond (aka Chookooloonks) that promises to link photography and the practice of giving thanks. You just can’t go wrong there. Find more information on the group here:

Have a great weekend folks.

Twenty twelve

This little fella has been keeping me a little busy. (Image taken with Impossible instant film)

Happy new year everyone!

Here we are, 2012, and hoping the new year treats you well.

I wanted to thank the handful of you that keep visiting, commenting and keeping me sane. You’re the best. When things are slow here, you can always find me on Instagram.

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